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Aprons, Aprons, and More Aprons

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog. I am going to blame it on preparing for recent craft shows.

The post I have for today is a custom order request that I had from a dear friend of mine that I worked for when I was in Michigan during my high school and college years. She now owns a bakery and Texas, where she makes beautiful and edible creations. You can find her website here at IdziBitsy Bakery.

Michelle wanted 10 aprons for the bakery in 50’s theme. I tried my best to find fabrics that I  thought embodied that criteria.

IMG_1533 IMG_1541  IMG_1542

IMG_1544 3949


As you can tell by the picture, this was a Simplicity pattern that I used. Joann’s had Simplicity patterns for only $1 when I picked this one out, which saved a considerable amount (the pattern was over $15 regular price)! Cutting out all of the aprons was definitely what took the longest, although once I got smart and started cutting out all of the pieces with my quilting cutting tools instead of pinning down those flimsy pattern pieces, it went much faster.

I even used what I learned making these aprons to design and make my vendor’s apron for my craft shows. I will have to post that at another time though.

Thanks for reading!

Star Baby Quilt

The last quilt I have to post of the four that I made recently is actually the one I finished first. This one was made as a request from my Grandmother for their former pastor and his wife who were having a new baby. I guess it was technically my first quilt “order”! I really enjoyed making it!

IMG_1436 IMG_1438 IMG_1439

I got this quilt idea from a pin by V and Co on Pinterest. I made it half of the size that is shown on the website. I made this out of 6″ squares of 6 different fabrics. The star pieces were also 6″squares with two squares being cut in half twice.

I’m sure I will make this quilt again, so I plan to take pictures and explain my process in more detail.

Thanks for reading!


Dinosaur Chevron Baby Quilt

Quilt #3 I made for a friend’s new baby. I am all about chevron and I really wanted to try this pattern out.


IMG_1431 IMG_1432


IMG_1434 IMG_1435


I found this pattern on Pinterest from CraftyStaci. Yet another great pattern! I was given the fabric by my grandmother and aunt and decided to use some of it in this pattern.

I varied from the pattern in that I added a border and put on a regular binding instead of the fold over binding that the author did. Like the other patterns I did, I plan to do this pattern again and plan to take pictures and describe my process.

Thanks for reading!


Four Patch Baby Quilt

February and March were full of making baby quilts for me. I made this quilt for a baby shower for a friend from church. This quilts pattern is called a four patch design.

Elephant Quilt Elephant Quilt

Since I am a huge Pinterest fan, this pattern also came from that site, originally by Riley Blake Designs. I found this to be another great tutorial and would recommend it to anyone who would like to start quilting.

I varied from the pattern in two different ways. The first way, which was not intentional, was that I laid out the quilt in 6 rows of 6 blocks, instead of 7 rows of five blocks. Honestly I didn’t even realize that I had done this until the entire top was put together, and since it looked okay, it was staying that way :-). I also got 1/4 yard of 6 of the 8 accent colors instead of 1/8 yard so that I had enough fabric to make the binding. I then used the extra to make a “scrappy” binding for this quilts.

I am sure I will make this quilt again in the future, and when I do, I will do a more detailed post about making the quilt.

Thanks for reading!

Bubble Quilt

I recently finished this quilt for a friend’s twins for their 1st birthday. I had a friend suggest that I make a bubble quilt (aka puff quilt or biscuit quilt), and I really wanted to try it out.

Bubble Quilt Bubble Quilt Bubble Quilt


I found this really awesome pattern on Pinterest by Awaiting Ada. I loved this pattern not only because she does a great job with her instructions and example pictures, but also because this pattern has you sew the squares together before stuffing them. Sewing together a bunch of pre-stuffed  squares sounds horrifying to me! 🙂

I varied from the pattern in a few ways. I decided that I wanted to do a binding instead of the turning right side out option. Once I had all stuffed, I realized that this wasn’t going to work so well since the height of the puffs makes the edges thinner in a way. I remedied this mistake by taking the stuffing out of the outside squares (yes, I was already to that point before I realized that it really wasn’t going to work) and added a border to the edges to that I would have more room to add the binding. I also didn’t like how the seams were so visible through the backing when I laid it out, so I added a layer of cotton batting. I tied this quilt rather than quilting it as well (I don’t have the machine that would do the job).

I plan to share a post of my journey though the bubble quilt that I am working on currently when I finish it up. I learned so much on this quilt, and it proved to be a very fun project!

Thanks for reading!

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog!

I recently decided that I would try my hand at blogging. I am not much of a writer (I like writing research papers, but who wants to read those!?!), so I have decided to create a blog where I post information about the quilts and crafts that I am working on for anyone who is interested.

We will see how well this goes! 🙂

Batik Quilted Tote Bag
Batik Quilted Tote Bag